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I have to first mention the ‘school- dreaded Ofsted Inspector visit’ that we had on Tuesday. When you are already graded as a ‘GOOD’ school, which we are, Ofsted will most likely pop in for a day and check that you still are, that things are on the up and Safeguarding is effective. The ‘letter’ (not quite a report) will be posted on the Ofsted website and I will of course send you all a copy – won’t come out for 3-4 weeks, until then its contents are confidential and not finalised. Suffice to say at this stage I am happy with how the day went and am VERY proud of the children the staff and the governors – everybody presented themselves, the learning and their knowledge extremely well – thank you so much.

As for you – our parents and carers thank YOU so much for completing the Ofsted on-line survey and for sending them texts too – they received around 100 parent surveys and 95 texts in total and although these are completely anonymous I was allowed to see the overview which was delightfully positive – so again thank you – I know the jungle drums and WhatsApp groups were buzzing about this on Monday evening! Also thank you to the children who completed Ofsted’s on-line survey too your voice is just as important!


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