Please mark your calendars with the events below. More details will be provided nearer to the time of the event via Parentmail and on this website.  Please scroll down the table for full list.

Second hand uniform sales


We all know how expensive it can be to kit out our kids for them to lose or damage it!  It's not always practical to put the clothing we have outside the school for you to try and find your way through for items that will fit, so we are offering an Email service for you to enquire what we have in particular sizes or styles and we will get the items to you for FREE!

If you would like to request some Second-hand Uniform please email letting us know what you would like and the sizes required. We will respond with any items available and arrange how to get them to you!


Additional Fund Raising


Money is raised through a variety of activities, not just the big events. We are always looking for new ideas so PLEASE let us know if you have any suggestions. You can email us at


Some of the other regular activities are highlighted on our Fund Raising page.

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Good practices include, keeping your username and password safe and not sharing it with others, as well as, to tell a trusted adult if someone or something has made you uncomfortable or worried whilst on the Internet.

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