• Mrs D Allis

A Cross Country mini competition for a few Years 1 & 2 Children

“Yesterday, eight x Years 1 and 2 children were selected to represent our school at the annual ‘Easter Fun Run’ at St Peters and Paul’s Primary School. We all turned up looking extremely smart and sporty in our new school running vests. I felt very proud to be wearing it for the first time. There were 4 races in total (32 runners in each) and the course was about 800 metres long. I am very pleased to say that everyone from our school who competed had lots of fun and finished inside the top ten. I’m already looking forward to doing the Crystal Palace cross country when I am in Year 3. My brother, Thomas, did it a couple of weeks ago and he came 7th, which is amazing! The runners were Lottie, Lucy, Austin, Joey (Year 1) and Sasha, Amber, Fabian, Alfie (Year 2).” This report was written by Lottie from Year1 (helped a little by her teacher Mr Winter). Thank you Lottie!