• Mrs D Allis

International Languages Day

On Monday, we held our first International Languages Day – organised by our Geography Leader Mrs Myles. What an absolutely brilliant day it was! We had workshops going on all through school in every class throughout the day. Parent volunteers came in and talked about where they are originally from, showed us on maps where in the world their original country is, they talked about customs, food, clothing, weather, activities and traditions in that country, as well as of course the LANGUAGE spoken there. The children learnt a phrase or two and heard the language being spoken aloud – it was wonderful and the children loved it!

The languages included:- Polish, French, Italian, Greek, Lithuanian, Spanish, Afrikaans, Japanese, Danish, German, Turkish and Chinese! How exciting. We will definitely run something like this again so if you missed out this time but would like to do it in the future please do let Mrs Myles know. I have already had an offer of Swahili – the language used in ‘The Lion King’ – how great would that be!

As you know we were recently awarded the prestigious status ‘International School’ and this is very special and important to us because we LOVE our cultural diversity and want to celebrate it every day! Thank you to Mrs Myles and also to Mrs Stephenson who worked so hard to bring this day together and of course to all the fabulous volunteers who came in to deliver the workshops!