• Mrs Allis

Day 2 – Marchant’s Hill PGL

What a jam-packed day of fun we’ve had, despite the rain! The groups have spent the day taking part in abseiling, the giant swing, survivor (like Forest School) and archery.

Everyone had a fantastic night’s sleep and were fully refreshed for the day ahead (and the enormous breakfast helped too!).

The giant swing involves…. a giant swing operated by the children – don’t worry, the children didn’t put on their own harnesses. Many of the children managed to allow the swing to be pulled to the maximum height of 18 metres before being catapulted through the air. Even the adults all managed a go, despite the uncomfortable harness positioning – particularly for the male members of staff!

The abseiling was a psychological battle, mainly for Mr Grice whose competitive nature was brought to a halt when he lost his race by the smart PGL instructors that managed to convince him (not Mrs Lee however) to blow on the carabiner to cool it down (?!?). The hardest part, the children said, was taking the step onto the ledge and getting into an abseiling position. All of the children had a go and tried their best with some conquering their fears along the way.

The survivor and archery instructors were impressed with the wealth of knowledge the children had thanks to Forest School and Frylands. That being said, we certainly wouldn’t want the children to make us any pizza due to the way they performed in the archery pizza game. Lots of burnt pizzas resulted from children hitting the outer black target.

On top of all this, an ‘Only Fools and Horses’ moment occurred much to the delight of EVERYONE when Mr Day (our very own Del Boy) was telling Miss Cole about his ‘greatest day ever’ while moving to lean on the fence, only for the fence to open and him to fall through. Thankfully, all that was hurt was his pride.

This evening, the children have had a wonderful time playing rounders and cricket whilst also enjoying their purchases from the PGL shop. Now, they are certainly an exhausted bunch ready for sleep – and the children are tired too!!