• Mrs Allis

Day 3 – Marchant’s Hill PGL

A huge breakfast of sausages, omelettes, beans and porridge was a necessity this morning prior to a full day of (dry!!) activities.

Adrenalin was pumping during the zip wire with children clipping themselves into a wired drop before running to a halt. One group even managed to go down the wire six times each. All the staff got involved with Mrs Howard taking victory over Mrs Lee in a battle of the wills and Miss Cole continuing her winning streak over Mr Grice as her athletic prowess outstripped Mr Grice’s gravitational advantage.

Each group also had the opportunity to encounter the new electronic climbing wall with many not only reaching the top but also finding the courage to abseil back down again. The initial drop took their breath away before many glided down the wall like an “elegant gazelle”. We were incredibly proud of their efforts.

We also spent the day taking on PGL’s new challenge course with activities including climbing through tyres, travelling through tunnels, navigating trip wires and climbing under netted frames. Teamwork activities were carried out in some groups with pairs of children being tasked with carrying a hoop over the tumultuous course. Team Sports were a great deal of fun, particularly in today’s sunshine with children carrying out a number of new activities they wish to play again as soon as they get back to school.

We also had the pleasure of hosting Mrs Allis and Mrs Critten, whilst saying a sad goodbye to Mrs Fletcher. Mrs Allis and Mrs Critten had the opportunity to spend time (and document) with each group and even the Red Arrows laid on a fly-past for them.

This evening’s entertainment was the liveliest yet, starting with an ambush hide and seek in the woods. Mr Day and Mr Grice’s hiding spot was pretty hard to beat. After a quick refresh, we returned to the cricket field for an evening of “live action” Cluedo. Mr Day’s team was victorious (dubious tactics!) and Miss Cole’s team 2 had the ingenious idea of tying their shoelaces together and wearing their hair in high pony-tails in order to create the longest line on the field. The culprit was finally revealed to be Mario, whose punishment was a rather cold ice bucket over the head. The cheers of “Mr Grice, Mr Grice” took a second victim with him and our PGL home instructor, Ollie, having a nice cold water shower before bed.

Night, night from a very happy Year 6.