• Mrs Allis

Day 4 – Marchant’s Hill PGL

Another early breakfast this morning with all children waking at their usual 6:30 (shock/horror) for a delicious 7:20 start.

The children experienced their most challenging activity yet – attempting to scale Jacob’s Ladder, a progressively wider set of wooden boulders located in the middle of the woods. Children started by climbing the first three steps before supporting one another in reaching as high as possible. Various techniques were trialled: lassoing a rope over the rung above to hoist up to the next wooden boulder; climbing on their partners knees in order to step higher up and generally hoping for the best by swinging legs and arms “monkey bar” style. Many achieved the elusive eighth rung and Mr Grice was more lugubrious than usual when he found out Mr Day had reached the top. There was no way he was not going to match him – even if it did involve more flexibility than is achievable for a man of burgeoning years.

Some of the groups climbed the much anticipated trapeze this morning – a platform to be climbed up to via a vertical wooden pole. Children then launched themselves at a large red balloon suspended in the trees. Did we forget to mention that they were harnessed a safety rope? Did we also forget to mention how the belay jammed as Mr Grice descended the trapeze? (Have you worked out who has been involved in writing today’s blog yet?)

Children managed to further enjoy the woodland surroundings today with a post-lunchtime hike to Echo Point, a mesmerising viewpoint over the forest canopy, festooned with ferns and rhododendrons, before discovering the filming location of the speederbike race on Endor in the Return of the Jedi. Children were less impressed with our return to camp – up “heart-attack hill”, an almost sheer ascent back to our home for the week. Children also carried out a number of problem solving activities to explore the camp a little further: identifying north in order to orienteer around the site while collecting hole-punched patterns; cracking riddles and leading teams around a challenge course whilst blindfolded.

Mr Day’s “second funniest day ever” occurred this evening with the final room inspection. Cries of outrage echoed across the halls as awards of “2 points” for rogue socks on the floor, fluffy carpets and toothpaste marks on basins. Mr Day has never been more in his element, bribing one team to provide him with a dab of hand sanitiser for extra points – obviously, our lovely, generous Year 6 not only obliged (for the points, of course) but also offered it to each of the staff members. The result of the inspection is clean rooms and packed bags, ready for a full morning of fun tomorrow.

Evening entertainment started promptly this evening with a gaggle of excited children designing a parachute for a water balloon, before it is thoroughly and rigorously tested from the abseiling tower.

With a couple of activities planned to finish off our wonderful week, we look forward to seeing you tomorrow, trailed by 60ish well-fed, excitable albeit tired children with many a tale to tell.

The Year 6 Team