• Mrs Allis

Meet the Teacher

Last week I sent out details of ‘Meet the Teacher’ sessions due to take place next week. I wanted to give folks an early heads up so they could plan. Unfortunately, I have since received a lot of feedback regarding clashes with secondary school open evenings, year groups clashing and the times being unsuitable. It is of course difficult to accommodate everybody’s needs. Consequently, I have decided to cancel the meetings. Teachers will send out tomorrow, via email, their usual, highly detailed termly letters. These will include not only what your children will be studying this term but also all details regarding arrangements and expectations, we will also post these onto the school website for your perusal.

On Monday 16th September straight after school until 4:30pm teachers will base themselves in a classroom (eg: both Year 3 teachers will be together in a Year 3 classroom) and will be available to answer any queries you may have regarding the emails sent out tomorrow. Obviously, these are not personal meetings in which the teachers will discuss your child, they are of a general nature. Should you need to speak to the teacher confidentially and in detail about your child then as always you will need to make an appointment which will take place after school, any such appointments will most likely be offered on a Monday, Tuesday or Thursday since teachers are busy at other times.

I am confident that the information you will receive tomorrow will be transparent and useful and fulfil all your needs, if not, as I have said you can pop in and ask the teachers on Monday. Should your child be in Years 1, 2 or 6 and you are thinking about the Phonics Check or SATs please do not worry, more information will come out about this later.

For those parents who have a child who has just started in Reception – your meeting is still going ahead as planned on Thursday 19th September starting at 6pm.

I do hope that these new arrangements will suit almost everybody as I only have your best interests at heart.