• Mrs D Allis

Update on COVID-19

Dear Parents & Carers

Like us you will heard the news form the Government late yesterday afternoon about school closures from the end of the week. We heard this information simultaneously and I promise I will write to you again by the end of the day once we have received more detailed information from the Department of Education. We ask that your questions are held until after this point. Class teachers and other staff will not be a position to answer questions until further decisions have been made.

For now here are some things I need you to do please:-

  • If you are a key worker who works for the NHS in a healthcare setting please could you email the school office immediately calling your email ‘I am a keyworker’ – you may need to prove this but I don’t how yet. Stating that you will need child care facilities to enable you to go to work.

  • Also falling into this category are delivery drivers so that shops can remain stocked – again send the same email stating what you do and confirming you will need childcare facilities. You may need to prove this.

  • If you fall into the keyworker category but have a partner at home and do not need to access childcare facilities do not email in.

  • It is not for schools to decide who is a keyworker, we are simply following government guidelines. I appreciate that being self-employed and other roles may seem key but I can only follow the guidelines

  • If you consider yourself to be a vulnerable family who may need support – we know who you are since you have assigned specialist workers. No need to get in touch we will email you directly later/tomorrow. If you don’t hear from us please do get in touch via email by tomorrow lunchtime.

  • If you are an parent of a child in Early Years we have made up learning packs for the children in that year group ONLY. We sent some home on Monday and there will be more today. If your child is not in school and they are in Early Years please come into the school reception area and collect a pack from the table there – no need to knock on office window.

  • All other year groups – Years 1-6 your learning will be on myUSO as directed earlier this week. Today a letter will come out to you personalised for your child with all their log-ins on it. We are looking into setting up some kind of Tech Desk to support queries re log-ins not working – this has clearly not been done yet

  • Children will be bringing all their stuff home today – maybe bring a big bag!

  • We will NOT be sending home loads of books to any year groups!

  • Some of the websites I have recommended may not be FREE – it’s up to you what you use.

  • For those of you whose children are already not in school I am sure you can understand that you collecting your child’s possessions is not at the top of our list of priorities – we will work this out before our doors close tomorrow. Do not turn up or keep calling/emailing.

  • Medicine in school – again we will send home all medicine by the end of tomorrow. If your child is not in school then you may have to wait – we will keep you posted.

  • Regarding Year 6 SATs results from testing this week and any other end of year 6 rituals/celebrations/parties etc – we do not know what or when we will do/re-open but tomorrow is NOT their last day DO NOT SEND them in with their shirts for signing – I will not allow that to take place tomorrow.

Okay that’s it for now – I will write to again later. Keep reading your emails and advise others to do the same please. Please do not keep calling/emailing/popping into the school office. We are extremely busy and will do our very best to do everything properly for everyone whilst keeping everyone safe.

As always kindest regards

Mrs Debbie Allis

Head Teacher