• Mrs D Allis


Good Afternoon Everybody

I know many of you will have already heard on the grapevine or even visited the school website already … we have made and published our 'Big Thank You Film' it should open automatically when you go to http://www.wickhamcommonprimary.co.uk - just in case it doesn't go to the new Covid-19 resources tab and type in WCPS2019 and see it there with our other YouTube videos.

I am warning you it's 14 minutes long - you will need a good sized screen, a cup of tea and a box of tissues! It's absolutely wonderful - a right and fitting tribute to our wonderful Key Workers and also a beautiful hello to all of us!

Don't forget to clap your heart out this evening - even if it is a bit chillier!

Warmest wishes

Debbie Allis

Head Teacher