• Mrs D Allis

Key Worker Club

Just so you are all absolutely certain who this provision is for, let me outline it once again. If you are a Critical Key Worker (link shared on Wednesday) you are invited to email the school office – office@wickhamcommon.bromley.sch.uk explaining what you and your partner do and when you are working and you may book your child into this provision when you are both at work and have no-one else in your household who can help you with childcare.

We have set up 2 Key Worker Bubbles – the first is for Years 2 & 3 and is being run by Mr Slack & Mr Winter. The second is for Years 4 & 5 which is being run by Mrs Gallagher, Mrs Taylor and Mrs Medhurst. These Bubbles can only take 15 children in each (same as the other bubbles). Please do not overrun us or we will not be able to maintain the integrity of these bubbles. Only use the Key Worker Club if you are eligible and when you are working. It is our duty and responsibility to keep everyone as safe as possible and I ask that you help me with this.

Key Worker children will complete their Home Learning when in Key Worker Club and they must bring a packed lunch, snacks and a filled water bottle.

If your child is not booked into the Key Worker Club in advance we will not take them.