• Mrs Allis


Now onto a more serious and indeed possible life threatening situation … this week a child brought in a Kinder chocolate bar as part of their lunch … ingredients for this product are a bit confusing, the multi pack milky filling is in fact nut free but the ‘Bueno’ versions are not … please do be cautious around such items. Whilst talking about Nuts I must just mention one of our parents albeit not by name … She has taken it upon herself to engage with our two local secondary schools regarding their lack of policy around NUTs. Secondary schools obviously have a LOT more children who frequently buy and bring in their own food – monitoring that is clearly nigh on impossible! Nevertheless, our parent went to both Hayes and Ravenswood schools and has made such a convincing case that they have introduced a NUT FREE policy – I am so proud of her – this is a fantastic achievement and one that will protect children for years to come. With all the terrible incidents that have been in the news about this lately this couldn’t have come at a better time! You know who you are – thank you from us all!