• Mrs Allis

Arriving Late to school

A little moan … children arriving late … doors open at 8:40am – this is so that children can slowly make that important transition from home to school, to socialise, catch-up, run around – do what kids needs to do before their day ‘starts’ please bring them at 8:40am. Children who arrive after 8:55am get a late mark – you might think ‘so what?’ Well the reason is that they still need that 15 minutes maybe even longer to settle, to be in the right frame of mind to begin their learning. They don’t get to talk to their friends, res-stablish their position in their social network, walk in to their classroom with their friends nor do they (in many cases) have a chance to get some fresh air before the day begins. Enough said … bring your children to the children’s entrance at 8:40am please – it’s so much better for them. Thank you.