• Mrs Allis

Bad Weather at Wickham Common

Dear Parents & Carers

Please accept my apologies for the lateness of our announcement regarding school being closed this morning, having been ready to notify families by 7am the servers at the company that host our new website developed a fault which delayed our announcement. I am sure you can appreciate that this was frustrating and worrying and we are aware that many of you were already planning to be in school. We only close in extreme circumstances such as safety issues with the school site and also, as in this, case no heating in lower school. The other difficulty is having an appropriate staff to pupil ratio to ensure health and safety requirements are met.

In regard to tomorrow the forecast is heavy snow all day and in fact the snow is falling once again at a rapid rate right now. I am making the decision that Wickham Common Primary School will be closed tomorrow (Thursday 1st March) and I will notify parents via the school website or use https://opencheck.atomwide.com and use the drop down menu on the left hand side of the webpage to find our school or call 0208-408-7508 and use our school number which is 3052012 - this will give you a recorded message regarding Friday.

I am sorry for this inconvenience but I do hope that you will check the school website where I will put up my promised whole school homework and the children can spend some time working on that as well as reading and practising their Times Tables. Have fun sledging and snowballing too of course!