• Mrs Allis

Happy Harvest Festival Everybody!

Happy Harvest Festival Everybody!

WOW! What can I say regarding your incredibly generous donations of Harvest gifts, food, toiletries etc? Amazing to say the least – check out our display. As you know this will all be collected this afternoon by The Hope Foundation who will distribute it all to those in need as previously detailed. Anyone who is still here at the end of the school day please feel free to help us load up their van. Thank you so much everybody. This afternoon our Lower School Harvest Celebration starts at 2pm, doors will open at 1:40pm so you can be comfortably seated/stood before the children come in. If you only have a child/children in KS1 and you would like to take them home once the service has finished - this is possible. We will take ALL Lower School children back to classrooms and the gate will be opened about 2:35pm so that parents can come to classroom doors in the usual manner and take their children early if they would like to. Obviously all other children will remain safely and happily in the care of their class teacher until usual finishing time at 3:10pm.

The Upper School celebration starts at 2:40pm and doors will open asap once we have cleared the hall – by the time we’re finished we aim to get the children out of their usual exit points by 3:20pm – I foresee we could be running a little late. Please be patient with us since this is the only celebration where we attempt to have every single child in school on the same afternoon and every parent is likely to be here.

It’s going to be a squash – remember NO pushchairs will be allowed inside, toddlers to be sat on laps please. No mobile phones as always – thank you for your understanding and support with this.