• Mrs Allis

Hayes School

One of the things I did last week was meet up with Steve Whittle, Head Teacher at Hayes School, where so many of our pupils move onto for secondary school. I talked at length with him about the catchment issue we have here at WCPS and options for getting more children into Hayes. At present the site simply isn’t big enough to accommodate more pupils. We talked about the likelihood of The Coney Hall Free School going ahead – which we are of course both very supportive of, but that seems to be a long way off for now. Other options are the new Eden Park High School and the Langley Schools although both of their catchments look unlikely for our pupils at the moment. I will be talking to the Head Teachers of the other 3 Compass schools about the way forward with this very tricky issue and we in turn may speak to the Head Teachers of the above mentioned secondary schools. I am not promising anything but I do want you to know that I am very concerned about this, the wheels of change in education all too often run very slowly but I promise you that I will be working on a solution.