• Mrs Allis

Improve SAFETY

Now for some breaking news….. This is a trial, in response to the parent survey and will be starting after half-term. The aim is to improve SAFETY …..Not necessarily convenience. Now, having said all that, I think you will like this…. From Monday 19th February, Foundation Stage, Year 1 and Year 2 children will all be collected at 3.10pm from the outside classroom doors. Parents will need to go through the Foundation Stage gate, which will open at 3.00pm and follow the path round to the Foundation Stage outside learning area and then onto the playground terrace. Between 3-3:10pm parents will need to wait on the top terrace away from classroom doors and windows so that the last few minutes of the school day are not disturbed. Once the classroom doors open, parents will be invited to come closer to each classroom. No-one (parent or younger siblings) must ever go onto the actual main playground as PE lessons may still be taking place or After School Clubs may be setting up and this could cause a Safeguarding issue. Don’t panic if you have a child in Foundation Stage, simply collect them and then stroll around to the other side of the KS1 block to collect your Year 1/2 child. The purpose of this trial is to remove a number of people, buggies and toddlers from the narrow pavement and to reduce waiting time for some parents whose children are in different Key stages. It will also enable parents and teachers to communicate more easily should they need to. All of these are issues you have raised in the survey. It’s far from a perfect solution especially since it does not lessen the number of cars on Gates Green Road (but we have an idea for that which we might try at a later stage). There will inevitably be congestion on the narrow path around by the hall to the Foundation Stage entrance, but I cannot justify spending any money changing this at the moment. The gate cannot be opened any earlier than 3pm because of Safeguarding regulations regarding children in KS2 who may be having lessons outside. Please embrace the concept and give it a go. Enjoy the benefits and try to come to terms with any inconveniences. I welcome feedback as always - good and bad – in fact I need it for my evidence, so let’s try it and see how it goes. Children in Years 3-6 will continue to come out of the their usual entrance at 3.20pm