• Mrs Allis

Maths Special Focus Week

Now onto this week – Maths Special Focus Week – it’s all so exciting and I used to detest Maths when I was at school! The Maths Team have designed a special homework called ‘It’s all about me – Maths poster’. Teachers and children are doing them and they are posters A5 size and it’s all about you in numbers EG: I have 3 daughters whose collective age is 8² (8X8=64), my shoe size is between 4 and 6, I am aged between 51 and 55 and my age is an odd number etc, etc. Please do give it a go and we will put on display as many of these posters as possible. The Team have set up a new Rockstars Challenge for the children to do each evening – ask your child about this… during assembly this morning in front of the whole school LIVE a year 5 lad completed 57 correct calculations involving multiplication and division questions in just 60 seconds – it was INCREDIBLE!!! The game is on – let the race begin … 50 House points at stake!!! Every day the children, together with their Teaching Assistants, will be rotating around a carousel of differentiated, exciting Maths problem solving activities from classroom to classroom – working with teachers they’ve never had before or reunited with those they have! It’s going to be great! On Friday we have our NSPCC Dress-up in digits day. Please send in all your change in coins … the children will count it and then the whole lot will be sent to the NSPCC. Please do not spend money on fancy costumes – an old white T-shirt with numbers and calculations drawn on it with a felt tip pen will suffice or a numbered football top or a ‘ONE-sie’ all will do very nicely thank you.