• Mrs Allis

Monday 29th January

On Monday our new year 5 fully trained Peer mediators did their ‘Launch Assembly’ and they have been active on the playground restoring justice wherever possible – they have been very successful so far and children and adults are reporting less playground problems and lots of happy playtimes – fabulous - long may it continue! Mrs Short from the Church of England Spinnaker Team was in delivering the week’s spiritual assembly – always a popular and informative gathering. On Thursday there was a distinctly chilled vibe coming from KS1, since the lovely Mrs Lucas was in running Yoga workshops for each class from Conkers to Horse Chestnut. KS2 had their turn back during World Faith Week and many of them wanted to have another go but sadly there wasn’t time. If your child is interested in taking up yoga which as you know has so many health benefits i.e. sleeping better, then check on line where you can do this locally. At present we do not have a child yoga club but we may look into it in the future.