• Mrs Allis

Parents’ Evening appointments out yet?

Have you sorted your Parents’ Evening appointments out yet? Do you want to make an appointment to meet with Mrs Liston – our Inclusion Leader or Mrs Howard our Family Link Worker? If so log onto the https://wickhamcommonparentseveningsystem.co.uk again and book yourself in. Parents’ Evenings are so important – you can find out how your child is doing and how you can best support them at home. You can ask questions about trips, coming in to help, the home learning – all sorts. This time Mr Holloway – our IT guy will be based throughout the whole of both evenings in our ICT suite – pop in and see him and get him to help you with the Home Learning log-ons. He can answer all sort of questions about the new website and anything else IT-wise you may be struggling with.

Meanwhile in the hall Nourish will be providing some tasty snacks, Madame McArthur will have left out some French resources and children’s books for your enjoyment and our Maths Team will have left out a table of games and ideas for you to try/see and consider using at home. We will also be giving away (for FREE) our old text books – so please come and help yourselves – there are still lots of useful activities in them for you to do at home with your child.