• Mrs Allis

PGL Day 2

Day 2

After a good (and uneventful!?!) night’s sleep - thank goodness!! - the children started the day with a selection of breakfast. We have been so well fed since we have been here, with what has been an amazing selection of food, catering to everyone’s needs. Each group has had a jam packed day, including:

Zip wire


Challenge course


Survivor (like Forest School)

Splash evening activity

With too much to write about, we have selected a few highlights to share with you.

The groups enjoyed a fun day with all of their teams getting behind each other so that almost everyone completed the abseiling challenge from quite a tall height. We also enjoyed taking part in a fun archery session where there were a number of star performances including one child who managed to hit 6 (yes 6!!) bullseyes, much to the amazement of the instructor.

Some extremely courageous children conquered their fears and scaled the enormous tree stump to get to the zip wire platform. During the survivor activities, children showed great perseverance when asked to light their own fires using flint and steel. On top of all this, 1 group finished their day with an extremely muddy challenge course where the was a prize for the muddiest child (and adult!) – apologies in advance for any clogged up washing machines when they get home!

We’re just about to finish another fun packed day with an activity called Splash – sounds like we could be in for a wet evening!