• Mrs Allis

PGL Day 3

Day 3

Raft Building


Quiz evening activity

Sports Games

Survivor (like Forest School)

So… Splash involved the children going out into the forest to use recycled materials to protect a water balloon that was going to be dropped from a 20 metre tower. All bar one group was successful. The four other groups now have to look after their water balloons for as long as they can without them bursting – which has been lots of fun so far!

We woke up to damp and gloomy skies but the weather quickly changed and we enjoyed our time at the small lake building a raft for 12 of us to go on. Before long, we were using our Forest School skills to make knots that could tie barrels together. We set sail and used paddles to successfully negotiate each other and the lake. Although we got a little cold, we all had fun jumping in at the end. A hot shower was what we all had before lunch.

This afternoon, Mrs Smith and Mrs Thorn joined us. We put on our harnesses and attempted the trapeze challenge – involving us climbing high into the sky, standing on a small podium and jumping to touch the ball or grip onto the trapeze bar. Most children enjoyed the challenge and were very successful – we were very proud of them!

Late this afternoon, we visited the impressive sports hall for the first time and the children played a game which combined their football and cricket skills. The competition was strong and great sportsmanship was shown in winning and losing!

Mr Grice’s group headed into the woods and now have the skills to create a spark using flint and steel. Children’s knowledge (which they’ve gained from Forest School) was impressive as was their perseverance.

We enjoyed Mexican tacos at lunchtime and delicious lasagne for tea. All children have now settled down to enjoy an evening quiz. Mrs Smith has left us with happy stories to tell.