• Mrs Allis

Safer Internet Week

Next week is Safer Internet Week and we have lots planned but right now I want to warn you all about a very dangerous game/website called ROBLOX. Many children play this game and it is certainly packaged and targeted at the primary market. Sadly, nasty hackers have created characters in this game that are not only naked but are also exhibiting some extremely adult behaviours!

The latest development is that users can make on-line friends and they can receive messages, many of which have been deemed to be from paedophiles and abusers. I do not usually like to use such dramatic terminology but I cannot stress enough the importance of you checking this out! Children will hide such information from their parents because they don’t want to be ‘shut-down’ – they will have ‘friends’ they and you don’t know. The Police have shared this information with schools and I must now ask that you check this out with all your children from Foundation Stage to Year 6 PLEASE. On the TV this morning famous child psychologist Tanya Byron who is also associated with the

NSPCC was expounding upon the importance of parental engagement with their children’s digital identities. We cannot ignore the internet – nor do we want to – but what we must do is help our children to become responsible digital citizens. Your child’s home-learning this week will be set through the new school website (address above) and you will have received a letter with their (and your) new password and log-in. Please have a go this weekend on the website and pick up their home-learning. It’s still not perfect and I am hoping that you will let me know if you see something wrong on there, even typos or if you feel information is missing – thank you.