• Mrs Allis

Swimming Gala

On Tuesday 14th October 2018 some Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 children went to Beckenham Spa to perform different strokes. There were 7 different schools there including one of our rivals Hawes Down. Mr Day and Mrs Horton helped us so much with the strokes. Everyone had at least 2 swimming races. Some people had individual races. Marco had a great start on his first race and came second. Year 3 and 4 did so well considering that was all their first gala. At the end someone from our school splashed Mr Day. It was quite funny. All the people who were at the swimming gala swam well but unfortunately we didn’t come first. In the end we came 3rd but we did better than last year’s 4th place. We were all very proud to represent the school in yet another sporting activity.