• Mrs Allis

Technical issues

We have had some very annoying technical issues this week, firstly our pay-on-line service provider Sims Agora failed to communicate effectively with all users and as such many families have been unable to pay for school meals, trips, ‘TreeTops’ Club etc – I can only offer my apologies for this most frustrating of situations and say that we believe it will be sorted out very soon. In the meantime of course we will still feed your children and have them in clubs etc. In addition to this I understand that our on-line homework system accessed through ‘myuso’ has also been playing up! We are working on this and again any difficulties will be rectified very soon. The class teachers have/are going to send out letters today which not only outline plans and house rules for your child’s year group this term but also offer guidance on how to access their homework. Again if difficulties persist please let your child’s teacher know ASAP.