• Mrs Allis

Welcome Back

The end of our first full week back at school and for our new little ones, the end of their first week ever! It is wonderful to see them so smart in their new school uniforms, brimming with confidence and delighted to be here. Next week they will be staying for their lunch and the week after - all day! I trust that everyone is now getting back into routine, enjoying their classrooms and teachers and rising to the challenge of their learning. Should anyone have any problems at all your first port of call must be your child’s class teacher who can be reached via the planners/reading journals that come backwards and forwards to school every day or alternatively in person at the end of the school day. In the case of our new Early Years parents you can also speak to your child’s class teacher at drop off in the mornings - should you need to. I am also thrilled to welcome two new young men into 3 Cherry – I know they have settled in very quickly and it is as if they have always been part of the class already!