• Mrs Allis

Wickham common vs Hawes Down School boys football match at Hawes Down school

On Friday the 5th of October the year 5 and 6 football team went to Hawes Down School at 3.30pm.

We started off the match really well moving the ball quickly and not afraid to shoot. Going round the opponents in triangles but soon Hawes Down started to get into their game as the afternoon was very hot our super coach Mr Day made some quick changes to have some fresh pairs of legs to keep the team spirit going and to drive the team forwards to try and get the opening goal it was a very close match - it was neck and neck.

In the second half, our team had all the possession and our opponents did not really get the ball in our half. The team was really playing well now and we were winning the ball every time and having loads of shots left right and centre. Unfortunately the referee ruled of two of our goals as being ‘offside’, in my opinion the second one was definitely not offside as the Hawes Down player headed it on! In the dying minutes we were attacking every second but we could just not get a goal. Mr Day put all of us attacking but Hawes Down scored and the match sadly ended one nil to Hawes Down. Nevertheless Mr day was still really proud of our performance and so are we.