• Mrs Allis

World Book Day

A couple of weeks back we had a fairly low key World Book Day celebration during which children brought in a special object from a book of their choice and we also asked for a donation to Roald Dahl’s children’s charity – I am happy to report we sent them just shy of £100 so once again thank you for your generosity.

The cake sale for Year 3 went incredibly well yesterday raising around £300 which is a lot more than usual and I was amazed and impressed to notice some homemade cake donations from parents who do not even have children in Year 3 – thank you all so much and to those running it too. As you all know (see PTA minutes from Sept 2017) what we usually do these days is the PTA (who very kindly run these sales) cap the charity donation at £50 and the rest goes to the PTA – which is of course also a charity.

However this was a very special cake sale because we were raising money for The Evelina Children’s Hospital charity who are currently treating one of our pupils, so this special charity is very close to our hearts. I know that many of you made very generous donations because of this and so the PTA have generously agreed to send a significantly greater proportion of the money raised for this sale to the Evelina charity. Amount to be confirmed – thank you all again.