At Wickham Common we aim to develop successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens.

In order to achieve this we:

• provide a stimulating, relevant and enjoyable learning environment;
• have clearly articulated, high expectations of all children;
• nurture the potential in every child;
• promote positive attitudes to learning;
• provide opportunities for children to learn and practise transferable skills;
• recognise that children achieve in different ways and celebrate their different successes;
• encourage children to value one another and to value the world in which they live and in which we are all interdependent,

so that every child:

• feels safe and secure and has a positive self-image;
• values, enjoys and succeeds in learning;
• becomes independent and self-motivated;
• develops the ability to cooperate and to contribute to the work of others;
• develops a lively, enquiring mind with the ability to reason and to question;
• develops an understanding of the world and of other people;
• acquires an understanding of social and moral attitudes and beliefs;
• acquires the concepts, knowledge and skills which will enable them to enjoy, contribute to, and be adaptable in, a changing world.



Key recent achievements

Silver Healthy Schools Award
International School Award 2018
Gold medalists London Youth Games Year 5/6 hockey quick sticks
Forest School status
Artsmark Silver Award 2017
Paws.b accreditation for the teaching of Mindfulness
TFL Gold Travel Award 2018

Music Mark 2018
Ofsted judgement: Good (March 2018)